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Make Them Feel It

DON’T GIVE THEM A CHOICE. Make them take notice. Activate their primal instincts. Sight. Touch. We’re programmed to use senses to make automatic decisions. The more senses you can stimulate with your marketing, the better.   That’s why our Soft Touch Laminate business...

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On the trail of your lost customers

Understanding why your customer has stopped buying from you is the key to winning them back. Losing a customer is never a nice feeling Even the best businesses lose customers, often through no fault of their own. For every customer lost, another has to be found,...

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Premium Silk Christmas Cards

Tempted to send an ‘e-card’ instead of a printed card to your top clients? Think again. Research shows your clients will hate it. If it’s the thought that counts, they’ll think you’ve given it no thought whatsoever. Better to send a traditional printed card, and send...

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Postcards Are Instantly Memorable

Want customers to remember you? Use postcards. New research has shown print is more memorable than online ads. A week after people saw both, Temple University found printed ads showed greater emotional response and memory. Print also caused more activity in brain...

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Ever wanted your own Island? Now you can! (Sort of)

The Island, an unforgiving landscape in which life barely exists. Except this isn't Bear Grylls, so I'll tell you what this product actually is. Introducing 'The Island' - a 1.3 x 1.3 m bean bag including your personalised design 260gms waterproof...

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Pull up media that suits you.

Here are some examples of our banners that we can produce for you, in just three simple steps! 1) Send in your enquiry with go to the artwork attached ( Only if you have it, otherwise we'll design it for you) 2) We'll send you an order form and the proof for your...

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Spot the Opportunity with StarMarque

It’s not just magpies that love shiny things -€“ we’re all attracted to them. Diamond necklaces, new cars, crystal glasses. They never fail to get our attention. Increase your chances of getting noticed by adding glossy StarMarque highlights to your marketing...

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Creative design that you tip too

Another great example of brilliant design, mixed in with some Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key black = your very own unique print. Sin embargo, también están amenazados por la administración Obama debido al...

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February Offers

BE CLEAR - THE ART OF MASTERING CONSISTENT MARKETING THAT CONVERTS You don’t need a psychology lecture on how the quality of your card influences people’s perception of the quality of your business. You’ve heard it often enough. Instead, ask “is it clear what you...

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Web Designer / Developer Required

HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO JOIN OUR CREATIVE AND VIBRANT DIGITAL TEAM? Modus is looking for a Web Designer to join their exciting and rapidly expanding agency based in the centre of Worcester. The role is varied and requires a high degree of professionalism,...

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Project Spotlight: Collegiate Media

23rd SEPTEMBER Client: John Keane, Collegiate Media Website: Website Features: Brochure Site Scrolling  Gallery Mobile and Tablet Optimised  Responsive Social Media Links via a static share button Accordion Interface   A brochure...

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Are You Ready For The Cyber Weekend?

Many UK small businesses will miss their share of £5bn of sales – will you? What on earth is cyber weekend? If you’re imagining dressing up in silver foil and running around scaring kids, you’re up the wrong tree. Although that does sound like a lot of fun. No, cyber...

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