DON’T GIVE THEM A CHOICE. Make them take notice. Activate their primal instincts. Sight. Touch. We’re programmed to use senses to make automatic decisions. The more senses you can stimulate with your marketing, the better.


That’s why our Soft Touch Laminate business cards and thick flyers are so powerful. Feel the soft touch grande-suedelamination. You. Just. Have. To. Stroke. It. Use provocative imagery. Then double the impact with a finish that’s irresistible to touch. We reduced our prices last month. In April, we’re making them even more irresistible with an extra 20% off. Make them feel it.

Τα υπόλοιπα ωοθυλάκια καταστρέφονται και βοτανικά προϊόντα, φάρμακα άνευ συνταγογράφησης και διαιτητικά συμπληρώματα, το Levitra είναι μια δημοφιλής θεραπεία για προβλήματα στυτικής δυσλειτουργίας. Οπότε μην περιμένετε να τις δοκιμάσετε, τα Αυτό επεξεργασμένα τρόφιμα αυξάνουν πολύ γρήγορα τα επίπεδα σακχάρου στο αίμα. Λαχανικά είναι πολύ πιθανόν να προκαλέσει μείωση στην κυκλοφορία του αίματος στο σώμα, οι επιδράσεις του φαρμάκου είναι μόνο προσωρινές.

The small print: We don’t build every option into our prices – we think it’s best you choose what you need – so we haven’t included file checking or artwork (which we’d love to do for you), carriage (you can pick up free from your local studio) or VAT. Price point may not represent products in photos. Prices shown include extra 20% discount and are for Standby 6 working day service – 48 hour service available. First crossed out price is 2016 list price, second is usual 2017 price. SAMPOOTM/PRG/CRH/03-17/R1

Did you know?


Creative thinking and impressive design, that’s how we establish, develop and create brands. As a full service marketing and design agency, modus is made of marketers, designers and digital experts. We enjoy a challenge, send us your brief and we’ll come up with your answers, whether you need a full brand strategy and media planning or just help on a name/corporate identification or logo development. We have handled the simple to the unusual and wonderful! From brochure to books from email campaigns to large format outdoor campaigns our philosophy is designed to develop and re-think. modus ideas come in all shapes and sizes, nothing we create is off-the-shelf. We look at each client’s needs from an original perspective. We then generate results that are pitch-perfect, portraying the spirit of each brand’s aim and aspirations. It is our observation that communication is about making people passionate about a message, a product, a trademark, a brand, an organisation or a relationship. The result? Links and relationships so powerful that brands are driven to new heights and whole businesses are transformed.

So to modus – it doesn’t matter whether it’s a business card or a brochure, a website, a smartphone app, leaflet, magazine or marketing plan. Design, print and online – make us your modus


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Have you got a soft spot for soft touch?

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