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Corporate Stationery

We set our paper chefs a challenge… to improve the recipe of our best-selling Corporate Letterheads. You know what? They’ve only gone and done it. We’re proud to unveil all new Corporate Letterheads. They’re whiter and brighter than ever before and now a whopping 120gsm thick.

Echo Recycled Stationery

Give yourself a little warm glow inside by saving the life of a tree. His name is Ken. Our Recycled Stationery is made from 100% post-consumer waste – but don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you can see last week’s curry in every sheet – it’s surprisingly smooth and white.

Praxis Microlaid Stationery

If you want to portray your business in a traditional light with good, old-fashioned values, then try Praxis Microlaid. The laid-textured paper is classicly-styled, yet designed to be used on today’s new-fangled technology.

Conqueror Stonemarque Stationery

When you walk into a room, do you turn everyone’s head? Then maybe you should put some clothes on. Seriously, if you want the same reaction when you send a letter, choose Conqueror Stonemarque.

Pharoah Natural Stationery

The Egyptians knew a trick or two about making an impression. If our Pharaoh Natural paper range had been around in their day, every Pyramid-building-monarch would have been proud to use it. They’d love the thick, natural cotton feel and the subtle sand-coloured shade. Perfect when you need to impress.

Power User Stationery

If you use stationery (and lots of it), you’ll save an absolute packet with Power User Stationery. Printed on a bulky 80gsm, extra-white bond, it’s perfect for invoices, order forms and direct mail letters.

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