Spot the Opportunity with StarMarque

by Modus Print

It’s not just magpies that love shiny things -€“ we’re all attracted to them. Diamond necklaces, new cars, crystal glasses. They never fail to get our attention. Increase your chances of getting noticed by adding glossy StarMarque highlights to your marketing material.

So what is StarMarque?

We all know that adding gloss lamination to an image increases the intensity of colours. StarMarque is a special process which only adds a gloss coating to selected parts of the image or document.

We start with a matt laminated item such as a business card, folder or thick flyer. The matt base provides a great contrast for the next layer -€“ a special hi-gloss varnish. This varnish is only applied to the areas you want, hence the commonly used name “spot varnish”.

The end result is a beautiful flyer or card with both gloss and matt areas. This has the effect of accentuating and drawing attention to the glossy part of the design.

What works best?

StarMarque looks great added over the top of dark colours -€“ black, dark blue, purple, that kind of thing – that’s where the contrast is greatest. On a light background, the highlights will be less visible and they’ll be practically invisible on white although that’s sometimes useful if you want to use it as a difficult-to-copy security feature.

We strongly recommend that you avoid using it over small text or small objects as there’s a chance it will not line up exactly over the top and that will be pretty noticable. Best to think of it entirely as its own design element and use it to enhance a piece, rather than simply putting it over existing elements. Of course if you are happy to accept the risk of it moving slightly then it’s fine and we won’t stop you.

We can help disguise movement by increasing the size of the spot UV so that it overlaps the artwork underneath. This works well with certain designs but not all.

StarMarque SpotUV Business Cards at Modus Print


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