Recently Google has started to warn visitors to stay away
from websites without an SSL Certificate

You may have seen we’ve previously touched on this in a few of our emailers sent out, but in short when visiting certain websites without an SSL you’re warned the website is not secure and that your connection is not private

SSL is used to securely encrypt communication between you and a website, so it keeps details safe from hackers and Google is starting to punish websites that don’t have SSLs, by warning visitors away and also resulting in lower search rankings on Google

The good news is that we’re now able to offer SSL Certificates to any websites we’ve built, for just £29 per year.


Your website will then show as ‘Secure’ to any visitors, which helps give them peace of mind, similar to our Modus Print website!
If this is something you’d like us to act on make sure you get in touch today!

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